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Our Alumni Ambassadors are here to help!  Hailing from various colleges and universities around the country, these students volunteered to spread the word about the tangible and intangible benefits of study abroad – and the unique experience provided by Alliance programs!

Alana Perez

Intensive Chinese Language - Beijing, China
Denison University - Political Science Major

Hey there! Alana Perez here, Denison University senior, political science major, and book enthusiast. After seven years of Chinese language study, I finally had the opportunity to study abroad in Beijing during the spring of 2015. I loved China so much, I will be going back for two more years as a Peace Corps volunteer! In college, I have further delved into the realm of international relations by focusing on the China-United States relationship and the importance of cultural understanding in diplomatic matters. Personally, this aspect is a key influential factors in promoting a healthy, stable international community.

Tiana Winstead

Popular Culture and Social Change - Beijing, China
Rhodes College - International Studies & Political Science Major

Tiana is a college student that embarked on a journey of her lifetime to explore the landscape and people of China in her spring semester of her Junior year. She is currently at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee USA (pursuing an International Studies and Political Science major and Chinese minor) but attended Beijing Language and Culture University. Growing up in a rural town and farming community Tiana has always been captivated by the international community and its diverse culture, languages, and traditions. She believes that despite the differences among all human beings "we" share the single most vital thing: this world, and with that "we" are all interconnected. She writes with the intentions of inspiring, motivating, and informing others.

Lizzy Austad

Popular Culture and Social Change - Beijing, China
Amherst College - Computer Science & Psychology Major

Hi! My name is Lizzy and I am a senior at Amherst College pursuing a double major in Psychology and Computer Science. I was part of the Popular Culture and Social Change Spring 2015 program in Beijing, China. While I was in China, I studied calligraphy, learned how to play Chinese Chess, explored Tianjin and Sichuan, and met some incredible lifelong friends. I had such a fantastic time that I am now planning to return to China to attend graduate school. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

Joseph Wisniewski

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
Bryant University - Finance Major

Hey! My name is Joe Wisniewski and I am a junior at Bryant University in Rhode Island studying Finance. I had the opportunity to study abroad with Alliance in Shanghai for my fall 2014 semester. What a great experience! This was an unbelievable trip where you show up knowing no one, and leave as one huge family. I couldn't have asked for more from the program Alliance provided (except maybe another semester or two). I look forward to ensuring others will make the right choice and study abroad with Alliance in the future to have the same experience I enjoyed in my time abroad!

Francisca Del Pino

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
Rollins College Winter Park - International Business Major

Hi! My name is Francisca del Pino and I am a junior at Rollins College, Florida. I am majoring in International Business and minoring in Asian Studies. I was born in Chile, but I've had the opportunity to have also lived in Japan and Ecuador because of my dad's job. Having to move as much as I have, I've learned to appreciate different cultures and grown interest about others. For my Fall 2014 semester I had the chance to study abroad in Shanghai, China. It was by far the best experience I have ever had, and I can't wait to share it with others interested in going as well!

Thomas Athan

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
College of New Jersey - Finance Major

Ni Hao, my name is Tom. Here in the U.S. I study finance and Chinese at the College of New Jersey. I was fortunate enough to enhance my studies of both of these subjects last Fall semester while studying in Shanghai, China. Studying in abroad was without a doubt the most impactful experience of my life, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has the ability to do so.

Cassidy Tanner

21st Century City - Shanghai, China
Wellesley College - International Relations and Political Science Major

My name is Cassidy Tanner. I am a junior at Wellesley College, where I am studying International Relations and Political Science. I spent Fall of 2014 in Shanghai, China, as part of the Alliance 21st Century City program. I love languages, reading, travel, and talking about nuclear weapons. I can't wait to meet you!

Phyllis Goode

21st Century City, Intensive Chinese Language - Shanghai, China
Austin College - International Relations & East Asian Languages and Culture Major

I’m Phyllis Goode, a current senior at Austin College. I’m a double major in International Relations and East Asian Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Chinese. I spent a year in Shanghai with the Alliance program spending the fall semester of 2014 with the language intensive program and spring semester of 2015 with the 21st century program. I’m a photography enthusiast, and I love spicy foods and mountains!

Hailey Elder

21st Century City - Shanghai, China
Colgate University - Asian Studies Major (Concentration: China)

大家好!My name is Hailey Elder, or 艾海莉。I am a Canadian senior at Colgate University, majoring in Asian Studies (concentration on China) and minoring in Biology. I studied abroad in Shanghai for two semesters – Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 – studying Chinese, blogging, taking photos of the sunrise, traveling around Southeast Asia, and eating way too much 麻辣烫。On my home campus, I’m a tour guide, Chinese tutor, I work at the study abroad office, and I host a weekly radio show. I cannot wait to tell you all about my two semesters with Alliance China and answer any questions you may have.

Briona Jackson

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
University of Memphis - International Business Major

Hello everyone, my name is Briona Jackson. I am a recent graduate from the University of Memphis with a BBA in International Business and minor in Chinese. I participated in the Spring 2015 International Business Program (Shanghai). As a graduate, I can say studying abroad in China was monumental and has been a major factor in my upcoming career choices. I learned a lot about Chinese business culture as well as management styles in China versus in the West. I also got to experience these differences firsthand through my participation in an internship. My time in China was awesome. I experienced growth as a student, professional and a person. If you have any questions about my time in China, I'd be more than happy to tell you about it!


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