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Our Alumni Ambassadors are here to help!  Hailing from various colleges and universities around the country, these students volunteered to spread the word about the tangible and intangible benefits of study abroad – and the unique experience provided by Alliance programs!

Briona Jackson

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
University of Memphis - International Business Major

Hello everyone, my name is Briona Jackson. I am a recent graduate from the University of Memphis with a BBA in International Business and minor in Chinese. I participated in the Spring 2015 International Business Program (Shanghai). As a graduate, I can say studying abroad in China was monumental and has been a major factor in my upcoming career choices. I learned a lot about Chinese business culture as well as management styles in China versus in the West. I also got to experience these differences firsthand through my participation in an internship. My time in China was awesome. I experienced growth as a student, professional and a person. If you have any questions about my time in China, I'd be more than happy to tell you about it!

Amy Bodner

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
University of Puget Sound - Economics & Chinese Language and Literature Major

你好! My name is Amy Bodner and I am a senior studying Economics and Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Puget Sound! I was fortunate enough to find the time to study abroad in Taiwan, Xi'an, and Shanghai. After a year of eating dumplings and taking pictures of giant Buddhas, I have returned stateside, ready to share my experiences!

Gregory Pallay

Summer in Shanghai, International Business in China - Shanghai, China
Franklin & Marshall College - Business Major

Hello Alliance! My name is Gregory Pallay and I am now a senior in my fourth year of University at Franklin & Marshall College. My major is in Business, with a concentration in Marketing and International Business, with a minor in Chinese language.  I studied abroad from February 2014 to August of that same year.

Adrian Jennings

Summer in Shanghai - Shanghai, China
Wheaton College Massachusetts - Undeclared

Hi, my name is Adrian Jennings. I am a sophomore at Wheaton College, and I have not yet declared my major though I am interested in the social sciences. I participated in the Summer 2015 Intensive Chinese Language programme in Shanghai, China, which only strengthened my interest in China and its people! I was challenged every day and learned a lot from my experience, and I would love to share what I've learned to help anyone interested in embarking on this journey!

Jessica Nguyen

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
Smith College - Economics Major

My name is Jessica Nguyen and I am an economics major at Smith College! Last spring, I took Chinese and economics classes during my enrollment in the International Business in China program. Studying and living abroad was definitely an eye-opening experience and I would encourage anybody who considers studying abroad to do so! After last semester, I feel motivated to explore the rest of Asia. It would be a dream to travel the world! During my spare time, I like to read books, watch funny YouTube videos, take photos with my new Canon DSLR, and blog on curiosityinstyle.com.

Katy Kaestner

21st Century City - Shanghai, China
Trinity University - Chinese Studies Major

Hello! My name is Katy Kaestner. I'm a student at Trinity University, heading into my last year of study. I'm double majoring in Chinese Studies and International Relations, and my time abroad with Alliance was pivotal in solidifying my love for my majors. I spent hours exploring the streets of Shanghai, investigating societal constructs that help turn Shanghai into the powerhouse it is today, pinpointing the best location to photograph the Bund at sunrise, and eating all of the amazing food that could be found. Feel free to check out my videographic experiences via YouTube!

Houda El Joundi

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
Kenyon College - Economics Major

Yours truly, Houda, Economics major, Chinese minor and Asian Studies Concentrator at Kenyon College on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere in Ohio. I am very fond of writing and will most likely always get carried away in describing things. Thanks to The Alliance for Global Education, I spent four breath-taking months in Shanghai, studying Chinese and Economics and savoring 中国 (China) . I am an avid learner, a passionate traveler, and a global citizen of the world.

Jessica Martin

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
Rollins College - International Relations and Asian Studies Major

My name is Jessica Martin (feel free to call me Jess or 马洁丝-Ma3 Jie2 Si1). I'm a Junior at the beautiful Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Right now I'm studying International Relations and Asian Studies while minoring in Spanish and Economics, but I aim to study Museum Studies in graduate school. Experiencing culture, music, religion and natural wonders are of particular interest to me, though food and history certainly aren't far behind! Language-learning has been one of my strongest passions from a young age and one of my life goals is to become trilingual. I've learned that nothing can accelerate, authenticate and solidify cultural and foreign-language learning like spending time living "on site" in its country of origin. That's why I value traveling so much and seize every opportunity to go wherever the wind may take me!

Itunnuoluwa Awogbade

21st Century City - Shanghai, China
Rollins College - International Relations

Hello my name is Itunnu, I am a senior at Rollins College in Florida, my major is international relations with a minor in cultural anthropology! I studied abroad in Shanghai in the Fall of 2016! The biggest lesson I learnt in China was that:"To travel is to take a journey into self"-Danny Kaye

Eric Beresheim

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
Siena College - Finance

Hello, my name is Eric Beresheim, I attend Siena College. I am majoring in Finance and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I studied abroad in Shanghai, People's Republic of China through Alliance. China offers a great sense of international business and a culture shock that spreads through commerce, communication, and tons of things custom to eastern culture.


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