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Our Alumni Ambassadors are here to help!  Hailing from various colleges and universities around the country, these students volunteered to spread the word about the tangible and intangible benefits of study abroad – and the unique experience provided by Alliance programs!

Nayaris Pena

International Business in China - Shanghai, China
Mount Holyoke College - Economics Major

My name is Nayaris Pena I am a senior at Mount Holyoke College studying Economics and Global Business. I enjoy working out and reading, but I must say I have a super soft spot for giving back to the community. I believe in giving back and helping others move forward. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to speak with students in my community about my experience in college, because just like them nothing was ever handed to me, but anything is possible with guidance and perseverance. I wish to motivate others towards their goals and aspirations.

Phyllis Goode

21st Century City, Intensive Chinese Language - Shanghai, China
Austin College - International Relations & East Asian Languages and Culture Major

I’m Phyllis Goode, a current senior at Austin College. I’m a double major in International Relations and East Asian Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Chinese. I spent a year in Shanghai with the Alliance program spending the fall semester of 2014 with the language intensive program and spring semester of 2015 with the 21st century program. I’m a photography enthusiast, and I love spicy foods and mountains!

Hailey Elder

21st Century City - Shanghai, China
Colgate University - Asian Studies Major (Concentration: China)

大家好!My name is Hailey Elder, or 艾海莉。I am a Canadian senior at Colgate University, majoring in Asian Studies (concentration on China) and minoring in Biology. I studied abroad in Shanghai for two semesters – Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 – studying Chinese, blogging, taking photos of the sunrise, traveling around Southeast Asia, and eating way too much 麻辣烫。On my home campus, I’m a tour guide, Chinese tutor, I work at the study abroad office, and I host a weekly radio show. I cannot wait to tell you all about my two semesters with Alliance China and answer any questions you may have.

Eva Cohn

- Beijing, China
Temple University - Anthropology Major

Nihao! My name is Eva Cohn and I am interested in all things Chinese! I had the opportunity to study abroad in Beijing through the Popular Culture and Social Change program (Fall 2013) and in Xi’an through the Xi’an and the Silk Road program (Spring 2014).  I learned more about Chinese politics and society, environmental concerns and sustainable development as well as art and food.  As an Anthropology major and Chinese minor at Temple University, I found the Alliance to fit all my academic and personal needs through their diverse programs.  Come talk to me about your Chinese interests!

Kaily Williams

- , China
Hamilton College - Art Major

My name is Kaily Liu Williams. I am 22 and I am a senior at Hamilton College in New York. I am majoring in studio art with a painting concentration. I am minoring in Asian Studies and Environmental Studies.    I was adopted at age 4 from Xiamen, China in the Fujian province. I have 5 siblings. Two older brothers, two older sisters and a younger sister. My younger sister and one of my older sisters were also both adopted from China.    I swim and I play soccer and tennis. I like sewing clothes and doing arts and crafts. I work as a lifeguard at Hamilton, Windsor public school and for Stanclift Cove in Barkhamsted.

Stephanie Merlino

Global and Public Health - Manipal, India
Case Western Reserve University - Nutrition Major

Alison Venable

Global and Public Health - Manipal, India
American University - International Relations Major

My name is Alison Venable, I am a senior at American University majoring in International relations with a focus on development and South Asia and minor in Education Studies. I work for the Center for Peacebuilding and Development and am a member of American University's Bhangra team. I plan to return to India next year and pursue a career in international education.

Lauren Boeckermann

Global and Public Health - Manipal, India
University of South Carolina Columbia - Public Health Major

My name is Lauren Boeckermann and I am currently a junior at the University of South Carolina. I am pursuing a degree in Public Health with minors in Medical Humanities and Women and Gender Studies all while planning on attending medical school. In the spring of 2015, I participated in the Global and Public Health Program in Manipal, India. During my time abroad, I shadowed in the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department at the Manipal University Hospital and enjoyed my integrated Indian Film class. I have made it my mission to try all of the Indian restaurants in my college town to determine which restaurants have the best dosas and samosas. Studying abroad through the Alliance program has been my favorite collegiate experience to date and I can’t wait to meet prospective students.

Esha Dholia

Global and Public Health - Manipal, India
American University - Public Health Major

My name is Esha (EE-sha), a second-year Public Health major at American University. I was so lucky to study in Manipal, India, through the Alliance's Global & Public Health Program in Fall 2015. My experience in India was incredibly vibrant and so fulfilling in every way. In addition to being involved academically through wonderful public and global health courses and the program's Directed Research component, I travelled quite often, made wonderful friends, and immersed myself fully in the local environment and lifestyle. I miss Manipal everyday and look forward to sharing my experience with you!

Sarah Weinbrom

Global and Public Health - Manipal, India
George Washington University - Biology Major

Hey there! My name is Sarah. I am a Junior at George Washington University in Washington, DC. I spent the Fall 2015 semester studying at Manipal University in Manipal, India, in the Global and Public Health program. I am working toward a degree in Biology, and hope to pursue a career in a health related field. Studying in India was an amazing way to broaden my knowledge of Public Health, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a meaningful study abroad experience! 


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