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Our Alumni Ambassadors are here to help!  Hailing from various colleges and universities around the country, these students volunteered to spread the word about the tangible and intangible benefits of study abroad – and the unique experience provided by Alliance programs!

Hilit Jacobson

Contemporary India - Pune, India
American University - Public Communication and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major

Namaskar! My name is Hilit Jacobson and I am an Atlanta native now living in DC. I am a Public Communication and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major at American University. I'd like call myself an advocate for adventure and taking risks which is the main reason I went to Pune, India last fall. I had a beautiful experience there that has shaped many parts of who I am and what I think about. I also love music and hole in the wall restaurants--two things that I definitely found in India.

Shola Powell

Contemporary India - Pune, India
Georgetown University - Anthropology and French Major

I am a Junior at Georgetown University double majoring in Anthropology and French. During the fall 2015 semester I studied abroad in Pune, India in the Contemporary India program. I wish I could say I am from a particular hometown, but the truth is I have never lived in one place for longer than five years; for now I call Atlanta, Georgia home. I love to travel and learn about other cultures. Living and learning in India was an amazing opportunity for me, during which I stepped out of my comfort zone and immersed myself in a new, vibrant culture.

Sarah Chapell

Contemporary India - Pune, India
American University - International Relations Major

Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm a junior at American University, majoring in international relations with a focus on environmental sustainability and global health. My time in Pune with the Contemporary India program was one of the most challenging, exciting, and illuminating experiences of my life. Between living with an awesome host family, learning traditional Maharashtrian painting skills, interning for an environmental organization, and so much more, I feel I have made an incredible decision in studying abroad in India. Because the choice can seem a little daunting at first, I hope to answer any questions anyone may have to learn more about this great opportunity!

Nate Warszawski

Contemporary India - Pune, India
American University - International Studies Major

Born and raised in New Jersey, I am a third year student at American University majoring in International Studies with a minor in Business Administration. As part of my education, I spent a semester with the Alliance for Global Education in Pune on the Contemporary India program. I enjoyed traveling and learning about Indian culture.  Back home, I am part of my school’s Bhangra team and Bollywood dance team. I also work as an RA and participate in Greek life. I enjoy reading Agatha Christie mystery novels and watching Netflix on the weekends.

Hannah Bahnmiller

Contemporary India - Pune, India
University of North Dakota Grand Forks - Anthropology Major

Hi everyone, my name is Hannah and I'm a student at the University of North Dakota. I studied abroad Fall 2012 in Varanasi, India and Spring 2013 in Pune, India. My experience in India was life changing. I love Indian culture and love to try my hand at cooking Indian food. I'm really excited to be an Alliance ambassador at UND because often times, people view study abroad as a chance to go to Europe and party, but going outside of your comfort zone to somewhere new and unknown can be the most life changing experience!

Toniann Maniscalco

Contemporary India - Pune, India
Georgetown University - Philosophy Major

Hello everyone! You can call me Toni. I'm looking forward to my last year as an undergraduate student studying philosophy and film at Georgetown University, and I have plans to pursue my master's degree in education and become a school teacher as well as continuing my work with film to become a documentarian. My passions include painting, reading, martial arts, whistling, writing, film, and animals. I also plan on continuing to travel, and to one day return to Pune to make more documentary films.

Melissa Kukowski

Summer in Pune - Pune, India
University of Pittsburgh - Neuroscience & Psychology Major

Hello! My name is Melissa Kukowski, and I am a junior at the University of Pittsburgh (H2P!). I am majoring in neuroscience and psychology, and minoring in chemistry, and hopefully, classics. I am an active member of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, and I work in an organic chemistry laboratory. My hometown is a small, rural town in northeast Pennsylvania called Susquehanna. I love photography, music, reading, running, and playing video games. I studied abroad in Pune, India this past summer and had the time of my life; I interned at the National Institute of Naturopathy, learned Kathak, traveled independently, and so much more.

Jessica Fries

Contemporary India - Pune, India
Smith College - History and Medieval Studies Major

Hello! My name is Jessa. I am a senior at Smith College in Northampton, MA double majoring in history and medieval studies. I studied in Pune last spring with the Contemporary India program and loved it. Pune is a wonderful, diverse, welcoming city and anyone ready to explore will have an incredible time there. Doing a research project, living with a host family, and traveling as much as possible is what made the program for me. I am already looking for ways to get back there again. I’m so thankful to have had this experience and am looking forward to connecting with prospective students.

Elizabeth Shaw

Contemporary India - Pune, India
Smith College - Psychology Major

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Shaw and I studied abroad in Pune, India my spring semester Junior year. I am from Seattle, WA and I am a senior at Smith college. I am getting a degree in Psychology, Exercise and Sport Studies and Public Health. I had such an amazing time during by study abroad experience and I am so glad it got to be in a place as wonderful as Pune. I am so excited to be an alumni advisor to help future students also have as great of an experience as I did.

Keiara Gallodoro

The City, the River, the Sacred - Varanasi, India
Arcadia University - International Studies Major

My name is Keiara Gallodoro. I am a senior at Arcadia University where I am majoring in International studies and minoring in Psychology and Gender Studies. In the spring semester of 2014 I studied abroad in Varanasi, India. This experience helped me to learn a great deal about the world around me, gain understanding and face unexpected challenges with poise and ease. I am interested in sharing my experiences with others especially when I feel it will be beneficial to their own lives.


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