Academic Integrity

Students must remain enrolled full-time and complete all academic requirements satisfactorily in order to earn credit for courses taken abroad. If students fail to do this, they may be dismissed from the program or awarded failing grades. Any student dismissed from the program immediately loses all program benefits, including housing, academic credit and fees paid. It is the student‘s responsibility to comply with local laws and policies as well as the regulations of the Alliance for Global Education and the host university or program.

All Alliance for Global Education program participants are required to read and sign an academic contract to confirm their understanding and acceptance of their academic responsibilities during the period of study abroad. These academic requirements are intended to ensure that students take responsibility for individual academic success and fully comply with all terms and conditions for assessment and receipt of the final Arcadia transcript.

Code of Academic Integrity

Any academic endeavor must be based upon a foundation of honesty and integrity. Students are expected to abide by principles of academic integrity and must be willing to bear individual responsibility for their work while studying abroad. Any academic work (written or otherwise) submitted to fulfill an academic requirement must represent a student‘s original work. Any act of academic misconduct, such as cheating, fabrication, forgery, plagiarism, or facilitating academic dishonesty, will subject a student to disciplinary action.

For a full description of the Alliance’s Code of Academic Integrity, related procedures and penalties for violations, please see pages 16-21 of the Alliance Policy Handbook.