Student Code of Conduct

The Alliance for Global Education regards all students as mature, responsible citizens who have the same obligations as other citizens to observe the laws of the United States, the local and national laws of the host country, and the rules and regulations of the host institution. Students are also governed by the Code of Conduct of the Alliance for Global Education, as well as any additional behavior and disciplinary policies specific to the program site. Students are hereby informed that Alliance for Global Education regulations and policies may be stricter than those of their home campus because of the broader consequences of student conduct when a student is participating in a study abroad program.

The Alliance Code of Conduct and program-specific behavior and disciplinary policies are binding, and students are responsible for knowing and complying with them. All regulations, policies, and judicial procedures of the Alliance for Global Education and program-specific behavioral expectations are found in the program handbook published on the Accepted Students page of each program. Students are expected to have read their handbook prior to departure, and this information will also be reviewed at Orientation.

Violations of the Code of Conduct

Misconduct abroad can lead to dismissal from the program, loss of academic credit, and, in addition, may result in a decision by the Alliance for Global Education to impose further sanctions. Misconduct abroad refers to the student's actions that, in the judgment of the Resident Director and/or other officials of the program, jeopardize the student's own welfare, that of fellow students, or the integrity of the program. Any and all disciplinary actions involve a fair process and consistency with other Alliance for Global Education policies.

The Resident Director, in consultation with the senior staff at the Alliance for Global Education headquarters, is responsible for the enforcement of all policies pertaining to student conduct and discipline at the program site. The Resident Director may impose administrative sanctions such as warning, reprimand, censure, probation, suspension, restitution, and denial of privileges in the use of facilities whenever this becomes necessary to operate the program and protect the property of the program or university. The Resident Director and the Director have the authority to dismiss a student from the program. Sanctions may be appealed to the Director of the Alliance for Global Education. The decision of the Director on these matters is final.

In addition, students participating in India programs are prohibited from the operation of motor vehicles, including two-wheelers. Operation of motor vehicles will result in disciplinary action.

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