Getting Involved at Home

Even though your student visa is expired, your international experience doesn’t have to end. Try these suggestions to keep your experience alive:

  • Join a language or cultural club… or start your own!
  • Volunteer with the study abroad office on campus
  • Cook your favorite foods from abroad for your friends
  • Celebrate Chinese New Year, Diwali or another holiday
  • Enter a blog entry in a travel magazine’s essay contest
  • Host a Bollywood film viewing party and snack on samosas
  • Read a novel that takes place in China or India
  • Take a road trip and explore in this country, too!

You should also consider attending a regional re-entry conference, outside of any events that may be offered by your university. Colleges and program providers often come together to offer tips, guidance, and inspiration for study abroad returnees who wish to pursue an internationally-focused career.

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