Returned Students

Welcome back! All of us at the Alliance hope you had a wonderful time abroad.

You probably looked forward to coming home – regardless of how exciting and life-changing your study abroad experience was – but you may have been surprised to find that in some ways readjusting to life back in the United States has been more challenging than adjusting to your host culture! The sometimes difficult transition and stress of returning home after living abroad is not uncommon. Often as simple as boredom in your hometown, feelings of reverse-homesickness, and a lack of understanding from your peers and family, these frustrations are typically defined as reverse culture shock or re-entry shock.

While many of you have already felt or will experience some degree of re-entry shock, know that there are ways to work through it in a healthy, positive manner. Feel free to peruse the resources posted below or follow links to our partner’s resources as well. And for more practical questions about grades, transcripts, and transfer credits, we’ve got that covered, too!

Plans are underway for the Alliance's very own alumni network, but in the meantime, join our Facebook page! You can share insights, post articles, and help advise students who are just beginning to contemplate this kind of journey.

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