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Alliance for Global Education Expands Study Abroad Options in China

(WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, US) April 29, 2013 – On the heels of its sixth anniversary in China, the Alliance for Global Education has announced key developments in its study abroad programs in Shanghai, Beijing, and Xi’an.  New developments will take effect beginning in the Spring 2014 semester and include expanded Chinese language options, additional elective choices, and full-time internship placements.

Adjustments to the Alliance’s Chinese language curriculum include the addition of an Intensive Chinese Language program in Beijing alongside a language course load reduction for the Alliance’s non-intensive programs.  The course load reduction from 9 to 6 credits per semester will allow students the opportunity to explore additional East Asian studies courses.  In Xi’an and Shanghai, elective Specialized Chinese courses will also be offered.

According to Dr. Andrea Custodi, the Alliance’s Director of Academic Affairs, “Increasingly, students interested in China are falling into two profiles: those who are interested in significant language acquisition, and those who are interested primarily in content areas of East Asian studies.  In order to better accommodate both camps, we have redistributed our language offerings and requirements accordingly.”

New thematic program orientations and elective courses leverage the unique characteristics of each of the Alliance’s program sites.  For example, students can select a documentary film component in Beijing; examine green initiatives in Shanghai as a 21st Century City; and explore the ethnic and religious diversity of Xi’an through courses on religious pluralism, ethnic minorities, and Islamic studies.

Building on the Alliance’s current portfolio of immersive and academically-focused internship placements and professional networks, the organization will also offer full-time summer internships in Beijing and Shanghai beginning in Summer 2014.  Janice Levitt, the Alliance’s Executive Director, explains, “The Alliance recognizes that supported, practical internship experiences can prepare undergraduates for an increasingly competitive work environment.  Interning in China provides students with a glimpse into one of the world’s most influential economies.” 

The Alliance for Global Education, LLC, a partnership of two not-for-profit entities, the College of Global Studies at Arcadia University and the Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University, was formed with the vision of opening study abroad destinations in Asia to an ever-growing and more diverse U.S. undergraduate population.  The Alliance provides stimulating, interdisciplinary study abroad programs in China and India that maintain high academic standards, strong student services, and careful health and safety measures. Its core mission is to develop and promote innovative programs in vibrant, dynamic Asian countries that are of ever-increasing scholarly, political, and economic interest.  Learn more at

Shannon Cates, Deputy Director

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