Welcome to Shanghai

Shanghai has grown exponentially in the last hundred years—from a colonial trading port to a massive international metropolis with a population of 24 million. Known for its fast-paced business culture and cosmopolitan vibe, the city is intricately connected with the global flows of commodities and people. It also represents the enormous environmental, economic, and social challenges that are mirrored across China and around the world. Want to study international trade, public healthcare or sustainable urbanization? Shanghai is your destination!

Shanghai Study Abroad Programs

21st Century City

This semester program examines the history of Shanghai, its process of rapid urbanization, and China’s interface with the West in this dynamic Asian center.

Intensive Chinese Language

If you want to make rapid gains in Chinese language, this program is for you, with 20 hours of full-immersion language instruction per week and a language pledge.

International Business in China

This semester program offers unparalleled opportunities to examine China’s rapidly changing business environment and the global networks in which it plays an increasingly strategic role.

Public Health Policy and Practice

This semester program invites you to examine how public health policy is shaped and implemented in the world’s most populous country.

Summer in Shanghai

This eight-week program in China’s financial center offers you the opportunity to improve your Chinese language skills and explore globally relevant topics.

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