Featured Scholarships

Study abroad should be within the financial reach of every student. IFSA-Butler offers an award-winning portfolio of scholarships for our programs around the world, in addition to your federal financial aid being transferable to our study abroad programs.

IFSA-Butler and the Alliance for Global Education are excited to offer guaranteed scholarships to any student who enrolls in the following programs for Spring 2018:

Diversity and Coexistence in Jerusalem ($2,000)

Public Health Practice and Policy in Shanghai ($2,000)

To take advantage of this award, you must submit an application to the eligible program of your choice via the online application system.

Recipients will be expected to provide feedback during and after the term abroad about their experience on-site and document their program with photos, videos, and other creative formats. Your reflections and unique contributions as a student trail-blazer will allow us to build upon the strengths of the Shanghai and Jerusalem programs for future students.

For more information on these exciting and professionally relevant opportunities, visit the following program pages:

Public Health Practice and Policy in Shanghai

Diversity and Coexistence in Jerusalem

Participants on these featured programs will not be eligible to receive our general need-based scholarships; however you may still apply for our other IFSA-Butler financial programs that consider a variety of factors in determining awards.   

Note: These exclusive scholarships are only awarded to students who attend these featured Alliance programs in Shanghai and Jerusalem. We do not award scholarships to students attending non-Alliance or IFSA-Butler programs.

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