Pre-Departure Information

Congratulations on being accepted to an Alliance study abroad program!

Now that you have been accepted, it’s time to secure your spot and upload important post-acceptance documents. Check your online application to see what to do next.

You are about to embark on the experience of a lifetime - one of exploration and discovery, greater learning, cultural immersion and new friendships. Alliance staff want you to get the most out of your experience and we know that you have many questions. Your Program Advisor is Kerry Springer. If you have questions that are not addressed on our website, please do not hesitate to contact Kerry at 317-940-4248 or at

If you will be applying any financial aid toward the cost of your Alliance program, you should print, complete, and return the Financial Aid Arrangement form. You can read more about transferring financial aid by visiting our Financial Aid section.

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spring 2017

  • Arrive in Tel Aviv: January 18
  • Orientation: January 19-22
  • Registration for Winter Ulpan: January 23
  • Winter Ulpan begins: January 24
  • Classes begin: February 19
  • Midterm Exams: March 26-30
  • Passover vacation: April 4-18
  • Modern Hebrew Language final exam: June 4
  • Final exams: June 5-7
  • Program ends: June 8

Summer 2017: Diversity and Coexistence

  • Arrival in Tel Aviv: TBD
  • Orientation: TBD
  • Classes begin: July 3
  • Final exams: July 27
  • Program ends (students must depart by 4pm): July 27

Summer 2017: Arabic Immersion

  • Arrival in Tel Aviv: TBD
  • Orientation: TBD
  • Classes begin: June 14
  • Final exams: July 27
  • Program ends (students must depart by 4pm): July 27

Students are responsible for booking their own airline tickets to Israel. See your program’s “Calendar" tab for arrival and departure dates. Only these dates should be used when making any travel plans. It is mandatory for all students to attend their in-country Alliance orientation at the beginning of the program and stay through the program end.

Students arriving in Tel Aviv on our suggested flight will be met at the Ben Gurion airport by our Alliance Resident Director in Israel, Monica Wasserbach. You and your luggage will be transported directly to the orientation accommodation in Tel Aviv and later, Jerusalem.

If you choose to book your flight independently, please plan to arrive in Tel Aviv by 9 p.m. on the arrival date and make your way via taxi to the hotel for the beginning of IFSA-Butler orientation the following morning.

Students should contact Pam Devlin at Advantage Travel in order to book the suggested flight to Tel Aviv. The suggested flight is normally set about 90 days from the start date. Once you have booked your flight, be sure to complete the Travel Plans form in your student portal.

Early Arrivals

If you arrive in Tel Aviv before the program start date, it is your responsibility to report to the orientation location for the start of the program. You will need to book your own lodging for any time before that date. Alliance staff cannot accommodate early arrivals or store luggage. Our staff in Israel recommend the following if you plan to arrive before the program start date:

Diaghilev Hotel (orientation hotel)
Mazeh 56
Tel Aviv

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
21 Levontin St.
Tel Aviv 

All students must obtain a MULTIPLE ENTRY A/2 STUDENT VISA prior to their arrival through the Israeli Embassy or Consulate that serves the jurisdiction of your state of residence.  

Students who arrive to Israel without an A/2 student visa may be required by the Israeli authorities to leave the country in order to obtain the correct visa. The cost of the multiple-entry A-2 student visa is approximately $46. Your Alliance Program Advisor will send you information regarding the process.

Your passport must be valid for 6 months past the program end date.   

If you are not a U.S. citizen, contact the Israel Embassy in Washington, D.C., to find out if your visa procedures will be different.    

Students on Summer Programs:  

Students participating on a study abroad program in Israel for less than 3 months should consult with the Israeli Embassy or Consulate which serves their jurisdiction of their state of residence on whether or not they are required to obtain a visitor’s visa prior to their departure for Israel. Students who are considering extending their studies beyond these summer programs should obtain a student visa in advance to prevent a situation where the Israeli authorities require exiting the country to obtain the correct visa. 

Students residing in countries where there is no Israeli consular representation should keep in mind that they must obtain an entry permit prior to departure for Israel. 

Israeli Citizens and/or Those With an Israeli Parent:

If you are an Israeli citizen, were born in Israel, or have at least one parent who is an Israeli citizen, you MUST contact your Israeli Consulate before departure. The Consulate staff can clarify and formalize present citizenship status, give information about deferment from military service, issue appropriate travel documents, and advise you as to the appropriate visa.

A mandatory orientation led by your onsite Resident Director will take place after arrival in Israel. Orientation will take place in Tel Aviv and conclude at the program site in Jerusalem.

Your orientation will include the following activities:

  • Introduction to the Alliance program services and excursions
  • Introduction to the Community & Culture program (if enrolled before the start date)
  • Program policies (academic, student conduct)
  • Health, safety and security briefings and tips
  • Experiencing and coping with cultural shock
  • City tours of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  • Course registration and moving into dorms

The orientation is designed to meet the following goals:

  • Deepen your understanding of the program and what to expect during the semester
  • Facilitate your introduction to Alliance staff and your fellow students
  • Familiarize you with your surroundings−Israel and Jerusalem
  • Teach you how to use local transportation, shop for necessities, safely navigate your new environment, and eat safely and healthily
  • Establish individual academic and personal goals for your semester
  • Prepare you both academically and emotionally for the new semester

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