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China and India are increasingly commanding international and scholarly attention as rising economic powerhouses and strategic partners. Step outside your comfort zone and study abroad in one of these fascinating countries!

The Alliance's program centers offer innovative interdisciplinary coursework and immersive opportunities for internships, directed research, and more. Learn more about options for summer, semester, or full year study through our India programs and our China programs. Plus, we offer need-based scholarships to help make study abroad more accessible for you!

"Having studied in China, I can't look at that Shanghai skyline and not see a symbol for China's economic growth and transformation into a first-world superpower. I can't help but feel that I'm a part of the future here, that I'm part of something very special. To be able to talk intelligently about China from a social, political, or economic standpoint after just a semester of study feels to me like a real accomplishment." - Michael G., Cornell University 


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